Further Information

This page contains further information on Hypnotherapy and provides details of studies on how it has been applied in a variety of different situations.

  • This news article from the BBC shows how recently hypnosis has been used in dental procedure.
  • This article about daydreaming is very interesting. However, far from being a sign of people’s inattentiveness, it is actually a sign of how people process information i.e. learn. There is evidence to show that we need to make metaphorical connections in order to learn something. This would, in part, explain the historical popularity of stories. For instance, how many times have you felt inspired to do something from having read about someone else doing something unrelated to what you want to do? This could be something as apparently unrelated as being encouraged to lose weight after hearing about how a disabled person has sailed the Atlantic? The list is endless.
  • BBC article showing the psychological element of pain