Virtual life in the new normal

As a species, we’re so used to face-to-face contact, that it has been hard to get around the fact that many of our day-to-day contacts are having to be conducted virtually. This NCH article focuses on some of the emotions you may be feeling.

However, there is hope. An in-depth study conducted following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America in 2001 found tremendous resilience among the population, which means that many of us will bounce back and that not everyone will be left with long-term mental health problems. You’re welcome to read the report in full – although it is quite lengthy, but I’ve taken the liberty of copying the following passage which comes under the headline ‘ Resilience and Recovery.

“Humans possess an impressive capacity to adapt to extremely adverse situations. Most studies of 9/11-related PTSD documented that significant proportions of the samples studied were either not affected or only minimally affected by the attacks. Resilient individuals have been found to manifest mild stress reactions in the immediate aftermath of disasters, but it has been shown that these reactions are not likely to significantly interfere with continued functioning and are typically of short duration.”


One of the consequences of the pandemic is that it has obliged a lot of therapists (myself included) to embrace new ways of working, particularly online. I now offer Zoom sessions, which I have found a reasonable substitute for face-to-face meetings, and certainly a lot better than not being able to meet at all. There will be a desperate need for therapy both during the outbreak and when life returns to some form of normality, whatever that might be, and online may be one way of answering that. Click here for more details

Hypnotherapy training Hampshire

For me it is incredible to think that it is nearly 13 years since I began hypnotherapy training with the inspirational David Newton in at the Clifton Practice. It changed my life and I will now have the privilege of delivering an updated version of the same course. This time it will be with Lisa Williams, starting at Chilworth Manor. Looking forward to helping shape the careers of the next generation of therapists.

Hypnotherapy training in Hampshire

From February, I will be joining Lisa Williams in providing hypnotherapy training under the aegis of the Clifton Practice. I know it will be hard work, but I am excited about the prospect of enabling new practitioners to experience one of the best courses out there. I know from my own experience that becoming a hypnotherapist can be life-changing for the practitioner as well as the client.

Glenn Catley punches his way to world title with hypnotherapy

I often quote the example of boxer Glenn Catley when I want to illustrate just what a difference hypnotherapy can make to anyone’s life, not just elite athletes. The following article sets out Glenn’s amazing tale.

Anything on Earth: The Story of “Controversial” Glenn Catley

Context is everything

I’ve often thought of how our perception of people, places, events and situations can be altered by a number of factors, which we can categorise as context. As an example, Napoleon was once asked to buy a steam ship, to which his reply was, as set out (in full) below: “There is but a step from the sublime to the ridiculous. Go, sir, gallop; ask me for anything but time.
You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her deck? I have no time for such nonsense.”

You might think that from this that Napoleon, for once, was somewhat behind the times. However, when you consider that generally only the excerpt shown below is used, it puts him in a different light: “Go, sir, gallop; ask me for anything but time.” In this case, Napoleon is seen as someone with a keen appreciation of the value of time and it puts a classic maxim still used today.

Can you think of times in your life when that’s happened to you?

Milton Erickson

I often find when reading blogs that it throws up new fields for investigation. Perhaps my previous post encouraged you to find out more about the late great Milton H. Erickson. His life story (worth filming, Hollywood) is a story of incredible achievement against the odds. Some of his methods attracted controversy, both before and after his death, but Erickson’s belief in his clients’ potential to change their lives permanently and for the better is still valid today.

What is Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy?

For a succinct yet comprehensive and (above all) comprehensible explanation of  what solution-focused hypnotherapy is about, I often refer people to this blog posting by the great David Newton, one of the finest hypnotherapists in the UK and one of the most inspiring and influential men I’ve met.