Voluntary work

When you’re a therapist, it is essential that you focus on the financial bottom line, ie, recruiting enough customers/clients to ensure that you pay your bills, both professional and personal, and so remain in business and be able to help others, and so the cycle goes on.

However, I would recommend spending at least part of your time, if you’re able, working for nothing (financially that is). There are a huge number of charities out there that would benefit from your expertise – and you will be an expert in something – whether you’re a therapist, counsellor, plumber or whatever.

In early 2020, I completed ten years as a volunteer: firstly with the Rowans Hospice in Purbrook, Hampshire; followed by the Macmillan Centre at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. I hope that I’ve been able to help people who would otherwise not have thought of hypnotherapy or been able – for medial or monetary reason – to see me privately. Certainly, I feel I’ve benefited, gaining experience in dealing with clients with a whole range of issues, which I’ve then been able to apply to my paid practice. I believe it has also helped me psychologically, and I’d like to draw your attention to the work of the inspiration Dr David Hamilton PhD, whose work on the benefits of kindness should be essential reading for all of us.